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Audi Promotional Gifts Easter Campaign 2016

cyber-Wear implements global Easter promotional gift campaign on behalf of Audi

The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus follow on from each other in quick succession. 6 December 2015 was the final date for ordering 2016 Easter articles from the Audi Promotional Gifts Shop. Until that date cyber-Wear surveyed all Audi Centres and importers about the Easter articles they require for the coming year, in order to be able to meet the relevant demand in good time. At the webshop operated by cyber-Wear, staff from the automobile distributorships were able to conveniently select and order the required quantities of Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies from Lindt, chocolate bars with the Easter Bunny design, Haribo marshmallow eggs, Easter lollies and egg-shaped chocolates under the name of 'Eggoiste', as well as seed balls, mini gardens in a tin and colour cards with Easter egg dyes. The orders will be delivered in calendar week 08 / 2016.

Audi Sport Duck „Concept“

cyber-Wear designs irresistible promotional duck

A classic in high-speed gear: Since the 1970s squeaky ducks have, thanks to Ernie from Sesame Street and Loriot, been among Germany's most popular bathroom accessories, enchanting collectors in just about every outfit imaginable. The Audi Sport duck designed by cyber-Wear merges seamlessly with this tradition, while overtaking all competitors at high speed. Stylishly fitted out with racing overalls in the Audi Sport design and even with a crash helmet, this rubber duck is sure to make the fastest circuit of the bathtub in the bathroom grand prix. And it also squeaks for joy! cyber-Wear managed the entire conception and implementation for Audi, from the idea via the design to the actual production process – once more creating an out-of-the-ordinary fast-track promotional article.

Audi Promotional Gifts Shop

Web shop – easy with a click

A new era began for the Audi promotional articles on 1. January 2013: The new bilingual web-shop, organized by cyber-Wear, was launched in the internal Audi network where staff in the Audi centers in Germany as well as importers can now order courtesy gifts and promotional articles on line according to their needs. Unusual, lovely and practical articles can be found in the categories: “office”, “for everyday use”, “all about the car”, “snacks”, “children and teenagers” and “textiles”. The selection emphasizes the high standard designs of the brand.

Audi Sport Bluetooth Speaker

Uncompromising mobile sound quality and outstanding design features.

cyber-Wear develops Bluetooth loudspeaker in the Audi Sport design

As a rule Audi drivers don't need to worry about terrific sound quality within their car. For music enjoyment in top sound quality outside of the vehicle, cyber-Wear has now developed and produced a stylish Bluetooth loudspeaker on behalf of Audi in the corporate design of Audi Sport. In spite of its compact dimensions of only 8 x 8 x 6 cm the loudspeaker, which connects wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-capable devices at a range of up to 10 m, provides a rich sound with a solid bass. At only 180 g it is a real lightweight, which will travel anywhere and can be set up wherever great sound is required. No electrical connection is required, because the integrated lithium ion battery provides long playing time and can then be charged once more using the micro-USB cable which is provided. Visually the loudspeaker is a „real Audi": its soft touch surface with the diamonds of the Audi Sport logo as a grid gives it a stylish, sporty look. cyber-Wear is responsible for the idea, the design and of course the production of this prestigious lifestyle article, which is available from the Audi collection shop.

Audi Welcome Box

The first impression counts and remains in the memory

cyber-Wear develops Welcome Box for Audi

With gift packaging in the shape of a car cyber-Wear is supporting Audi in enhancing the moment when the key is presented to proud customers collecting their new car from the Audi Centre. The so-called 'Welcome Box' is a high-quality presentation package with the automobile silhouette of a generic Audi design study. It is made of plastic and features the original radiator grille paint finish of real Audi vehicles, creating the authentic effect of car paintwork. Inside the box the car key is snugly embedded in EVA foam, which significantly adds to the quality of the presentation. The Welcome Box was designed and produced by cyber-Wear and makes a strong contribution towards giving the collection of a new car the character of an event. This experience conveys emotions and effectively reinforces customer loyalty. And even if the decision to purchase a new or used Audi was of course taken well in advance of the handover of the key, the stylish packaging of the key enhance the attractiveness of the entire vehicle and support the premium standards of the brand with its four rings.

Audi Promotional Gifts X-MAS Campaign 2015

It was high summer when cyber-Wear began its Christmas preparations on behalf of Audi

For Audi employees at least the eternal question of whether Christmas gifts are delivered by Father Christmas or the Christ Child has been put beyond all doubt. In fact neither of the two, because in 2015 cyber-Wear was once more responsible for ensuring that a supply of tasty sweets and further unusual little gifts was available in good time for Christmas, all of them of course exactly in line with CI specifications. In order be able to produce the more than ten different Christmas articles in the Audi Promotional Gifts X-MAS Campaign 2015 in good time and deliver them to Audi branches worldwide, the group's internal webshop, which is administered by cyber-Wear, was used from the end of June to mid-August in order to survey the quantities which would be required. From gingerbread cake in the shape of an automobile with CI icing decorations and Niederegger marzipan cake via branded mini Christstollen, domino stones, chocolate figures and other confectionery right down to greetings cards and door hangers with integrated Lindt chocolate figures and an Advent calendar in the Audi Sport design with contents by Lindt, tempting sweets made up a large part of the article selection. However, at Christmas 2015 the Christmas tree baubles and pendants produced by cyber-Wear with the Audi logo and diamond shape – paying homage to the Audi Sport logo – decorated many trees and automobile distributorships around the globe.